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How WhiteGlove Lowers Healthcare Costs

September 10, 2010

These days, many firms are moving to high-deductible health insurance plans in order to keep premiums down.  This means that in exchange for these lower monthly premiums, employees have to pick up a larger share of their healthcare costs, until the much higher deductibles are met.  But companies and their employees are discovering that their increased out-of-pocket expenses are often making routine healthcare unaffordable.

Other companies are going without health insurance at all.  This equates to being less competitive in the marketplace and having lowered employee morale.

In either scenario, the result is that people are going without routine healthcare because they simply can’t afford it.

While WhiteGlove House Call Health is not a health insurance product, many companies with high deductible plans are beginning to offer WhiteGlove to their employees to help fill that gap and give them access to affordable routine medical care.  And companies with no insurance are finally able to provide their employees with great medical care that meets their basic healthcare needs in an innovative way.

How Does It Work?

WhiteGlove comes to a member’s home or office 365 days a year, 8am to 8pm.

Employees pay only $35 for each visit, which includes medical care, generic Rx medications, get-well foods, beverages, and over-the-counter remedies.

Employers pay only $25 per person per month to provide the WhiteGlove service to their employees.


Adding WhiteGlove House Call Health removes the financial burden that employees and dependents experience and removes the roadblock to receiving routine health care.


Back To School Time Or As I Like To Call It “You Need It When?!?!”

August 17, 2010

Back to school.  Every year these three simple words cause me to utter four complicated words – “you need it WHEN?!?!”  No matter how I try to stay on top of things, I always seem to end up needing a sports physical, a health check or a vaccine (or proof that they already exist) for someone in my family.  And I always need it “by Friday”.  In the past that has left me scrambling through file folders of documents, trying to fit in a doctor’s appointment, or sitting at the “first-come first-served” clinic. 

But not this year.  Now we are members of WhiteGlove House Call Health.  What does that mean to me?  It doesn’t mean I still won’t have a “you need it when?!?!” moment, but it does mean that now I can take care of it at my convenience—no driving, no sitting in a waiting room with sick people, no panic that I won’t find the right form and get it turned in on time!

With WhiteGlove, I can get the necessary sports physical, health check or vaccines, when and where I want.  WhiteGlove will come to home or office 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 8 am til 8 pm.  The nurse practitioner can perform the physical and provide vaccines on the spot, in one visit. 

How WhiteGlove Works

Once you are a member of WhiteGlove:

  • You can request routine care, like a physical or vaccine (via phone, internet or iPad).
  • The nurse practitioner will come to you at work or home, 365 days a year, 8am to 8pm, and perform the needed service.   For health checks and physicals, the nurse can come within hours of your call.  Vaccines do take a little longer because they have to be ordered, but once the vaccine arrives (usually within a few days) the nurse practitioner will still come to your home, at your convenience, to administer it.
  • And thereafter, you have secure online access to your information including your medical history, lab results, visit history, shot record and more.


Thank you WhiteGlove.  This year back to school is going to be so easy…well, at least, easier!

Flu Season Approaches

August 9, 2010

Back to school means many things to many people, but one thing it means to everyone is that flu season is starting soon!  So along with all the other details that must be attended to at this time of year, add getting your annual flu shot to the list! 

For those of you (or your children) who cringe at the idea of a shot, there is an alternative.  FluMist is an annual nasal spray vaccine for that offers the same protection from the flu as the traditional shot.


FluMist vs. Flu Shots

In addition to the benefit of not getting a shot, several studies have shown that FluMist may actually provide better protection against the flu than a flu shot. One study from the Journal of Pediatrics concluded, “Live attenuated influenza vaccine was a safe and more effective alternative to inactivated vaccine.”

WhiteGlove House Call Health now has a supply of FluMist available to help you get a jump on the approaching flu season. Since school is starting soon – if you act now this could be one less thing to worry about! This seasons’ flu vaccine includes H1N1 so you get everything in one dose.

There is a charge for the FluMist, call us (877-329-8081) and we can tell you how much based on your specific membership type. 

FluMist Isn’t For Everyone

 You should not get FluMist if you are:

  • Under 2 years of age
  • Or Over 50 years of age. 

 You should also not get FluMist if you have:

  • Asthma or other chronic heart or lung diseases, or kidney failure, diabetes, or illnesses that weaken the immune system
  • Chronic underlying medical conditions that may predispose you to severe flu infections
  • Are allergic to eggs or to a previous dose of the vaccine
  • Or are pregnant.

To read more about who should and should not receive FluMist, refer to the CDC website.

Want the shot, not the spray?  Our supply of flu shots will arrive late this month or early next month if you would prefer the shot. We’ll let you know when we get them in.  As always, WhiteGlove House Call Health will come to your home or office to administer your FluMist or flu shot, 365 days a year, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Note:  While most people will just require one dose of FluMist each year, children 2 to 8 years old need two doses at least 4 weeks apart the first year that they get FluMist.

Healthcare Reform – Good News, Bad News

July 29, 2010

As the new national health care plan goes into effect, companies and insurers are seeking ways to keep plans affordable.  One idea that is being tried in limited markets is offering plans with reduced premiums, but have a narrower selection of doctors and hospitals than the traditional plans.  Sort of a throw back to the managed care days of the 1990’s.

These plans will no doubt appeal to smaller businesses that already offer insurance to their employees, but who are being confronted with rapidly increasing premiums.  As this type of plan catches on, though, larger companies will certainly gravitate toward them as well.   What this will mean for employees is that they will keep their premiums down, but will have very few choices in-network of who they see and where they can go.  And to go out-of-network will cost individuals dearly.

How does WhiteGlove House Call Health fit into this equation? Adding WhiteGlove to a company’s benefits plan lowers overall health care spending, which in turn can translate into helping to control rising premiums.  WhiteGlove caps costs for routine care, improves employee productivity, reduces absenteeism and helps with the potential morale problems caused by ever tightening health plan restrictions.

How?   WhiteGlove is a membership-based routine healthcare provider.  A company or health plan pays a membership fee per employee and dependents, and then that employee can use WhiteGlove as often as desired for any routine healthcare needs, at a capped fee of $35 per visit.  The visit fee includes medical care that comes to the employee’s home or office, generic prescription medications, a care package of foods, beverages, and over-the-counter remedies. 

Healthcare reform is a work in progress.  But there are growing pains that are going to be associated with its implementation.  WhiteGlove can help to ease that pain.

Healthcare Uncertainty

July 7, 2010

Has your company been forced to move to a high deductible health plan (HDHP) in order to continue to offer, or begin to offer, healthcare to your employees?  You are not alone!   In 2011, for the first time a majority of U.S. workers are expected to have health insurance deductibles of $400 or more.

Many employers have told us that this causes uncertainty with:

  • How much employees will spend on healthcare because now they will pay 100% of their healthcare costs until they reach their deductible.  That could man $100s of every doctor visit.
  • Employee reaction to the HDHP and how it will impact morale, because they no longer have a co-pay for doctor visits – many will see this as taking a cut in pay.
  • The impact to the business – many fear losing key employees because of their ability to offer competitive benefits.


In a May 2010 study of employers, when asked how important specific health care reform goals were to their organization, respondents labeled the following as essential or high priority:

  • Containing health care costs (96 percent of respondents).
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles (88 percent).
  • Improving the quality of care (75 percent).


What role does WhiteGlove play in these uncertain times?  By adding the WhiteGlove service to your company’s healthcare offering, you can be certain that your employees and dependents will spend much less on their healthcare and love the care we bring to them.

WhiteGlove lowers overall spending, caps costs for routine care, improves employee productivity, reduces absenteeism and helps with the potential morale problems caused by having to change your health plan.

WhiteGlove’s Corporate Membership Program is designed to help companies (and their employees) take control of their healthcare costs.

  • For fully insured companies: we are able to lower the cost of healthcare for your employees and dependents, increase employee productivity, and improve employee morale.
  • For self-funded companies: we are able to lower the cost of healthcare for both the company and your employees/dependents, increase employee productivity, and improve employee morale.


We are certain that WhiteGlove can help your company through these uncertain times!  Want to learn more?  Visit our website at  

Why Do WhiteGlove Members Love the WhiteGlove Service?

June 15, 2010

Read what our members are saying about WhiteGlove


Hours:  Seven Days a Week, 8 am to 8 pm

“My son had a terrible earache on a Saturday. I know it is hard to be seen at his pediatrician’s office on the weekend. I called White Glove at 8:00 a.m. and they were there by 10:30 a.m. that same morning to see my son.”  by luckymom23 at Citysearch Houston

Convenience:  The Nurse Practitioner Comes to You.


In Your Home…

“As a business executive, I need to be in the office ready to face the day, not laid up in bed or waiting for hours in a doctor’s office. I have used White Glove twice and have been amazed with their service and value. Each time I have been seen by an excellent medical practitioner in the comfort of my own home, diagnosed and given medicine at the same time.”  by JTMurff at Citysearch Dallas


Or at your work.

I am a very busy professional and find it difficult to get away to go to the doctor for routine visits. The day before leaving for vacation on a seven day cruise I came down with sinus congestion and a sore throat. Concerned that it might worsen during the cruise and ruin my (and my husband’s :() vacation I knew I should go to the doctor, but couldn’t get away from work.

A co-worker reminded me about White Glove so I scheduled an appointment via their website at 1:00 PM and was treated, in my office located near the Galleria, at 2:30PM that day!” by KAV at Citysearch Houston


With Prescriptions

“I have had excellent service. The NP came out in the evening for my 3 yr old, made it fun for her, and supplied free medication. She only had 3 days worth so they mailed me the rest of her meds FOR FREE!“ by rayandlarissa at Citysearch Houston


And Goodie Bags!

“They also have a well kit that has food and drinks to help you feel better ie: chicken soup, gatorade, jello, apple sauce, tissue, tylenol, advil etc. all included in your one co-pay!”  by Emhern at Citysearch Dallas

You Can Become a Member Through…

 Health Insurance…

“I had been sick for 2 weeks and couldn’t find the time to make it to the doctor. I found out White Glove was an in network provider for my health insurance. A nurse practioner came to my office and was even early.In less than 20 minutes, I was finished with a diagnosis, medicine, and even a snack.

I immediately emailed everyone I work with to let them know of the exceptional customer service.”  by reneez at Citysearch Austin


Corporate Membership….

“I love whiteglove house call health! My employer pays for this benefit, and I have used their services twice in 6 months.”  by kareneden at Citysearch Austin


Or Individual and Family Plans.

“I had raved so much about (WhiteGlove) that my friend wanted to come over to see what all the hype was about. Again, the PA (a different on this time) came, TOOK the time, explained different options to me, was honest and I could tell really cared. Left me with 2 different medications. My friend thought it was so awesome she is using them and her Mother already called. I can’t say enough great things about this service!” by Geniegenie at Citysearch San Antonio

WhiteGlove Value

“This is a very good service. It may seem expensive, having to pay your specialist copay, which is $50 for me, but I would pay that at a walk-in urgent care clinic, but not get the benefit I get with White Glove. I don’t have to leave my home when I’m sick, they come to me, they have a wellness kit, packed full of crackers, soup, healthy drinks, pudding/applesauce, they have free generic meds on hand, AND, it’s just the 1st visit that’s $50, at least with my insurance. Subsequent visits are just $35. The professionals that come to see us are very knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, etc. We’ve used them multiple times and will continue.”  by Serenity72 at Citysearch Dallas

Still wondering about WhiteGlove?  Visit CitySearch and read the more than 450 5-star reviews from members.  Want to find out more?  Visit the WhiteGlove House Call Health website at or give us a call at 877-329-8081!

Why Would You Use WhiteGlove House Call Health for Your Primary Care?

June 8, 2010

I think that the question really is, why would you NOT want to use WhiteGlove for your primary care?  To me, the most frustrating part about seeing my primary care physician is going in and refilling out all the paperwork…again.  Every time I have an appointment, I fill out the same medical history paperwork, no matter how recently I was there.  Why is that? 

Most regular doctors’ offices do not have the technology to keep up with medical records.  So you go through the same paperwork over and over in order to make sure it is up-to-date.  But WhiteGlove has made a significant investment in technology that makes them different than most any other medical care providers. Every WhiteGlove member has their own healthcare portal that is accessible from the web, iPhone, and iPad. So not only is your current medical history available to the WhiteGlove health care providers, your medical history, lab results, visit history, Rx medications, allergies, and all of your expenses are all available to you 365 days a year. Who else can say that?

Other benefits of using WhiteGlove for your primary care include:

  • Access to affordable medical care 365 days a year  – Any day of the year, if you need medical care, you can call WhiteGlove and they are available to see you in your home or work from 8am to 8pm. They’ve made medical care convenient and affordable. No hassles, no running around, no high costs.
  • Access to your own healthcare portal, 24/7, via the web, iPhone and iPad
  • Referrals – Like any other medical care provider, WhiteGlove is able to refer you to a specialist when needed.


So, to me, I guess it comes down to this.  If you are already a member of WhiteGlove House Call Health, through your work, insurance or an individual and family membership, why would you not want to use them for your primary care provider?