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Healthcare Costs are the Greatest Cost Pressure on US Business

February 17, 2011

Most executives today feel like they have done all they can to reduce healthcare costs by redesigning their health plan and cutting benefits. Today CFO’s have to look at lowering healthcare costs the same way they do other areas of their business. How can you move variable costs of today’s healthcare expenses on to a fixed cost model?

Here’s how WhiteGlove can make a substantial difference in your bottom line.

  • We do not file claims for any of our visits or the generic Rx medications that we prescribe.
  • We eliminate 75% of the expense of urgent care and emergency room use for primary care.
  • We reduce the number of times employees are absent from work for medical matters.
  • We lower the likelihood of large surprise claims hitting your health insurance plan.

We can turn your variable expenses for both employees and dependents into affordable, fixed costs. And your employees will love the “house call” benefit from day one.

Let us show you how we can get this done for your business.

Bob Fabbio
WhiteGlove House Call Health

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