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How variable healthcare costs can be fixed while providing exceptional service.

February 14, 2011

We see some employers trying to provide different healthcare benefits and/or premiums based on the risk profile of their employees and dependents.  For many employers, this is too big a jump.  While it’s impressive that Safeway has been able to flatten their healthcare spend over 4 years while most everyone else’s is rising, they have not been able to lower it.   Isn’t that the real goal for employers?


The truth is that there is only so much an employer can do with healthplan redesign.   In the end, the employer’s healthcare costs are a variable cost line item and driven by:


1.  How often their employees and dependents seek care;

2.  Where their employees and dependents go for care;

3.  How many unnecessary procedures are performed on their employees and dependents?

4.  How many unnecessary brand Rx meds are consumed by their employees and dependents?

5.  When their employees and dependents need care and the options available at that time?


And most of these factors are truly out of the employer’s control.  What it is going to take is the advent of healthcare providers that have the courage to bring change and innovation to healthcare that lowers the overall cost of care for the employers and their employees and dependents WHILE improving the healthcare experience!


And that is exactly what we do at WhiteGlove House Call Health.  We are attacking 75% of the healthcare spend for employers and their employees/dependents and lowering it! While, at the same time, delivering an exception healthcare experience and improving the productivity of their employees.  We are turning a variable, out-of-control cost for most organizations into a fixed, affordable, transparent cost.

Bob Fabbio
WhiteGlove House Call Health


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