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WhiteGlove Is Bringing Change AND Innovation To Healthcare

November 30, 2010

Isn’t it frustrating that:

  • Your records and lab results are stuffed into paper folders in a filing cabinet at all of the providers you go to?
  • Your doctor is hard to see or isn’t available when you need him or her?
  • You are asked to fill out the same medical history paperwork over and over again?
  • You are unknown to a medical care provider in another part of town when your doctor is not available?

We think it is, so we’ve done something about it for our members! WhiteGlove delivers a high-quality healthcare experience while lowering your out-of-pocket costs.  Most regular doctors’ offices do not have the technology in place to keep up with medical records electronically.  Therefore they have you fill out the same paperwork at every visit in order to make sure it is up-to-date.  But WhiteGlove has made a significant investment in technology that makes them different than most medical care providers. Every WhiteGlove member has their own healthcare portal that is accessible from the web, iPhone, and iPad. So not only is your current medical history available to the WhiteGlove healthcare providers, your medical history, lab results, visit history, Rx medications, allergies, and all of your expenses are all available to you 365 days a year.

Other benefits of using WhiteGlove for your primary care include:

  • Access to affordable medical care 365 days a year – Any day of the year, if you need medical care, you can call WhiteGlove and they are available to see you in your home or work from 8am to 8pm. They’ve made medical care convenient and affordable. No hassles, no running around, no high costs.
  • Access to your own healthcare portal, 24/7, via the web, iPhone and iPad
  • Referrals – Like any other medical care provider, WhiteGlove is able to refer you to a specialist when needed.


With WhiteGlove, we provide systematic, consumer-centric, coordination of medical care where we function as a single source for your primary care needs.

Want to find out more about how WhiteGlove is bringing change and innovation to healthcare?  Visit the WhiteGlove House Call Health website at or give them a call at 877-329-8081.

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