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WhiteGlove Members: It’s easy to get started using the WhiteGlove service!

February 17, 2010

If you have access to the WhiteGlove House Call Health service, but are unsure how to use it or when, here are a few easy steps to get you started:

  • Schedule a routine care visit via phone or web.
  • We come to you at work or home, 365 days a year, 8am to 8pm, within hours of your call.
  • During our visit we diagnose and treat you AND, for no extra charge we provide you with most of the generic Rx medications that we prescribe on the visit.  We also bring you a Well-Kit with foods, beverages, and over-the-counter remedies.
  • We follow up with you to make sure you are mending.
  • You have secure online access to your information including your medical history, lab results, visit history, and more.


At WhiteGlove, we are committed to changing the way you are treated!

Not sure if you are already a WhiteGlove House Call Health member?  Not sure how to become a member?  We’ll gladly answer all your questions!  Visit our website at or call us at 1-877-329-8081

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